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  CCTV Surge Protector - CP-001C

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[Model: CP-001C ]

Now you can protect your equipment from harmful surges before the serious problem occurs. The compact protector come with Silicone Avalanche Diodes and Gas Discharge Tube to provide the fastest response time and higher discharge current up to 20kA. CP-001C is designed for CCTV and Video application with the BNC connector. The surge current is diverted to chassis ground via an 18AWG wire. CP-240AC and CP-11AC are used to protect the AC line from surges. CP-006D is catered for 6VDC operation data line equipment such as RS485 data line or Card Access system.

Key Features :
· Compact size is easy to install and maintain
· Protection for CCTV, AC240V Powered Equipments and other Card Access equipment

 Model: CP-001C  Specifications
Bandwidth                0-100MHz
Surge Response Time  <1ns
 Max.Discharge Current (8/20us)  20kA
 Peak Let Thru Voltage  DC5V
 Service Life 10/1000us@100A  400 operations
 In-line Resistance  0 ohm
 Insertion Loss   <0.2db
Connector Type  BNC


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